Andrea Brillantes Break-up With Ricci Rivero Due to “Selos”

Andrea Brillantes Reveals She Break-up with Ricci Rivero Due to “Selos”

Kapamilya actress Andrea Brillantes revealed that she break-up with ex-boyfriend Ricci Rivero allegedly due to “selos”.

Andrea Brillantes, a Kapamilya actress, revealed that she ended her relationship with ex-boyfriend Ricci Rivero purportedly due to jealousy. Andrea previously claimed in a vlog that a basketball player is a cheater.

After Ricci announced the end of their relationship, the young actress’ vlog resurfaced online. With this, it appears that her mind has been programmed to believe that if you are a basketball player, you are a cheater.

Andrea Brillantes Break-Up Selos

Andrea’s jealously stems from her desire not to have another lady follow Ricci on social media. According to Pep’s story, Andrea was the first to break up, and to her surprise, Ricci accepted her challenge.

However, she is reported to be the one who does not want people to know they are separated. Andrea has not officially commented about the breakup, but others say she still loves her 25-year-old ex-boyfriend so much that they could reconcile.

Andrea has not yet removed the videos and photographs from her happy day with Ricci from her Instagram account. Andrea is still a fan of Ricci’s Instagram page. This is also true for her ex-boyfriend, who hasn’t erased their images and still follows the ex-girlfriend’s Instagram account.

Ricci stated in his statement that he is willing to stay friends with Andrea even if their personal engagement has ended, and that they can return if their love truly prevails and they give each other a second chance. Ricci admitted in a tweet that keeping their relationship private was a mistake and that revealing their problems publicly was unnecessary.

He requested respect and highlighted the significance of maintaining their friendship. Ricci Rivero is now accused of cheating on Andrea Brillantes. Rumor has it that the third party in their breakup is beauty queen Leren Mae Bautista. However, in a screenshot of a conversation that a netizen shared, Leren was denying the accusations against her.

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