Grace Poe Slams LTO; Urges to Review “Chaotic” Digital Services

Senator Grace Poe Urges LTO to Review “Chaotic” Digital Services

Senator Grace Poe slammed the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and urged them to review their “chaotic” digital services.

Poe reprimanded the LTO’s constant failure, notably the agency’s chaotic digitalization initiative, which is not being used and so adding to the agency’s many issues. Poe requested in the statement that the LTO perform a full evaluation of its digitalization initiative in order to provide the public with the necessary efficient and timely services.

“Sa ilang taong implementasyon at bilyong pondo ang nagastos, walang kuwenta ang inisyatiba ng LTO sa digitalization,” said Poe.

Grace Poe LTO

Poe, chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Services, stated that the LTO is still plagued by the same issues: a slow but ineffective portal, long lines for applications or license renewals and registrations, a lack of license plates, and recently, more than 700,000 for the required plastic license cards.

“Ipinakikita nito na lubhang magulo ang digitalization program ng ahensiya  Kumbaga sa computer software, nasa beta phase pa rin.  Puro testing, hindi na umusad sa final implementation,” he said.

Poe’s board of directors, along with the blue ribbon committee, questioned the LTO about the P3.19-billion Road Information Technology infrastructure project, which was plagued by charges of corruption. In the 2021 Commission on Audit report, the Senate revealed that the LTO had made “undue” and “unjust” payments to businesses that did not complete the project.

“Bakit naisagawa ang pagbabayad sa kabila nang may naiulat na isyu at pagkukulang sa provider. Ano ang ginawa ng LTO hinggil dito,” asked Poe.

Poe stated that the issues surrounding the LTO are piled on top of each other, and that a band-aid or interim approach will not suffice as a solution. When the plastic license cards run out, the driver’s license must be issued on paper first. Or, if the motorcycle’s license plate is about to expire, she recommends using do-it-yourself license plates first.

The senator stated that the digitalization program should speed up and ease our countrymen’s transactions rather than be a burden. She stated that the LTO must take decisive action to address the core cause of the long-standing issue, restore its operations, and fulfill its purpose of providing quick and efficient public services.

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