Awra Briguela Reveals Relationship Status: “Fling fling lang”

Awra Briguela Reveals Having Fling After Asked About His Relationship Status

Young actor Awra Briguela revealed that he is having fling after being asked about his current relationship status.

McNeal “Awra” Briguela, commonly known by his stage name Awra Briguela show Emojination, is an exciting game show starring the dynamic duo of McNeal “Awra” Briguela and Maja Salvador. The young actor-comedian revealed some surprising details about his love life and fling preferences.

Awra Briguela Fling

When asked, “Fling fling lang,” he revealed his relationship status throughout the interview. – Wala po.” The young celebrity also discussed past heartbreaks and how they influenced his dating tastes.

 “Since yung nangyari sa ‘kin yung sa first boyfriend ko, na sobrang na-broken-hearted ako. Ngayon gusto ko sobrang private na lang. – Gusto ko lowkey, private, pero hindi secret,” he said.

In terms of courtship, he revealed a substantial shift in his attitude. He was emotionally drawn in pick-up lines, according to him, but now he has revealed that he likes expending effort.

“Ako po, before nadadala pa ko sa pick-up lines. Mas ano po ako ngayon, mas gusto ko yung nage-effort na,” he said.

“Ang first move na nagaganap ngayon, follow-an. – React-react lang sa stories. Kaso pag hindi ako pinansin, ina-unfollow ko na lang, na ‘hoy, hindi kita hahabulin,” he revealed in the show when asked about making the first move.

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