Ricci Rivero Saying Cheating is a Choice Drew Flak Online

Old Twitter Post of Ricci Rivero Saying Cheating is a Choice Resurface Online

The old tweet of basketball player Ricci Rivero saying cheating is a choice resurface online and elicits reactions from netizens.

Andrea Brillantes’s connection with basketball player Ricci Rivero is usually the topic of conversation on social media. Their relationship becomes viral after Ricci proposes to Andrea after a basketball game.

Ricci Rivero Cheating Choice

They also drew the attention of the online community in March when Andrea requested Ricci to be her date for the Star Magic Ball. This occurred at a Blackpink concert in Manila, where the popular K-Pop group read Andrea’s banner.

Andrea Brillantes was trending on social media again on Friday, this time due to her breakup with Ricci Rivero. This was confirmed by the basketball player’s tweet about it.

Ricci recognized the error of keeping their relationship private in a tweet and added that he felt it was needless to reveal their troubles publicly. He requested respect and highlighted the significance of maintaining their friendship.

Ricci also warned people not to fabricate stories or involve others in their predicament. He apologized for any disappointments and advised everyone to move forward calmly without harboring grudges.

Some internet users chastised Ricci and accused him of adultery, while others speculated about the role of a “councilor” in the separation, despite the fact that no additional information was revealed. Andrea has yet to remark on the breakup, so her attitude on the matter remains unknown.

Meanwhile, Ricci’s old tweet about infidelity on Twitter has resurfaced. Ricci responded to the topic of whether cheating is a decision or an accident in the aforementioned tweet. Cheating, according to the basketball player, is a choice.

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