Paolo Contis Admits Misses His Daughter with LJ Reyes

Paolo Contis Reveals He Misses His Daughter with Ex-Partner LJ Reyes

Kapuso actor-comedian Paolo Contis admitted that he misses and wanted to talk to his daughter with his ex-partner LJ Reyes.

The controversial actor and father acknowledged to Nelson Canlas that he was eager to see his daughter Summer. Paolo stated that he is always viewing videos of Summer, whom he hasn’t seen since 2021, when LJ left the Philippines to live in the United States.

Paolo Contis Misses Daughter

He’s also hoping that his relationship with LJ improves since he genuinely wants to discuss his visitation rights. According to him, he hopes they may reach an agreement that allows him to see and chat with his daughter on a daily basis.

“Mali ‘yung pagkaka-handle and everyday I keep on hoping and praying na it will be better. Na eventually, kapag napatawad ako at mas magaan na ‘yung mga bagay-bagay. I hope we can get to talk and kumbaga come to an agreement na makita ko si Summer, and you know, at least talk to her regularly,” said Paolo.

It should be noted that Paolo stated that he does not pay child support to Summer or his children in Lian Paz. He also revealed that he has already spoken with LJ’s lawyer regarding visiting his daughter.

This week, LJ went viral after announcing her engagement to her non-showbiz beau, Philip Evangelista. Meanwhile, the Kapuso star has finally responded to his ex-girlfriend’s engagement to her non-showbiz beau. Paolo expressed his happiness for her and added that LJ deserved happiness.

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