Iya Villania to Host Noontime Show if the Name is Not “Eat Bulaga”

Iya Villania Considers Hosting Noontime Show if They Change the Name of Eat Bulaga

Showbiz reporter Iya Villania admits she considers hosting the noontime show if the management will the name of “Eat Bulaga”.

In a recent interview with media outlet PhilStar News, Iya Villania was asked if she would be willing to become one of the new hosts of a noontime show on GMA TV, and the TV presenter said she would consider hosting a noontime show as long as the name did not include “Eat Bulaga.”

“Oh my gulay. It’s hard to talk speak. Siguro kung iba ‘yung pangalan ng show. I probably… I would consider,” Iya said.

Iya Villania Eat Bulaga

The celebrity reporter for 24 Oras then stated that “Eat Bulaga” had already established its reputation on Philippine television, adding that the show was always connected with Tito, Vic, and Joey, or TVJ. She did, however, say that if the aforementioned noontime show had a new name, she might consider hosting it.

“Siguro kasi I guess it’s kind of sensitive especially because of the title. And the memories that it holds, the people that it holds so ayon, if ever, I might consider if it wasn’t the title,” Iya said in the interview.

Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey De Leon, the main hosts of “Eat Bulaga,” popularly known as EB, announced their resignation from TAPE, Inc., the show’s producer, on May 31, 2023, while the show was still airing.  In sympathy with the show’s primary hosts, all of their co-hosts and other personnel eventually resigned en masse.

TAPE, the producer of the show, which found itself without hosts allegedly tried to tap some of the resigned co-hosts of the show but they were supposedly repudiated. TAPE Inc. then responded to the renowned trio’s resignation and even took a shot at them, claiming that Eat Bulaga would continue without them.

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