Christian Merck Grey Finally Gives the P350k to Xander Arizala

Christian Merck Grey Shares He Already Gives the P350k to Xander Arizala

Social media personality Christian Merck Grey or popularly known as Makagwapo shares he already gives the P350k to Xander Arizala.

Makagwapo recently posted a video in which he meets Xander Arizala to present the money he was urged to receive. Christian Merck Grey, alias Makagwapo, has finally resolved his feud with Xander Arizala. Makagwapo personally went to Xander’s residence to hand over 350,000.

During their encounter inside Makagwapo’s car, Xander acknowledged that Makagwapo did not pledge 350,000 to Xander’s son, Baby Xeres. However, Xander stated that Makagwapo mentioned during a phone call that he would pay for half of the cost of Xeres’ baptism and reception.

Merck Gives P350k Xander

Makagwapo also asked why Xander’s partner Gena Mago was not present at the agreed-upon meeting. Gena couldn’t come since she was caring for baby Xeres, according to Xander.

When asked what he plans to do with the money, Xander replied he will first rejoice with his family, then use some of it to start a business and put the remainder in Xeres’ bank account.

Before leaving Makagwapo’s car, Xander was visibly angry. Xander had already solicited Senator Raffy Tulfo’s assistance because he was desperate for the money.

He also intends to bring legal action against Christian. Xander stated in his video that he is looking for a lawyer and is asking netizens for assistance because this is the last chance he will give Grey.

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