SB19 Reveals Details Of ‘Pagtatag’ EP Set To Be Released On June 9

SB19 made a surprise appearance at the Araneta Center on May 28

PPop Kings SB19 revealed details of their Pagtatag EP which is set to be released on June 9, 2023, ahead of their concert tour kick-off.

The Mahalima’s official social media paged did a live stream on May 28. Fans were wondering what was happening as nothing can be seen on screen but only voices were heard.

A few minutes passed by and the camera was focused on a QR code on a wall at the Araneta City. It was surrounded by yellow tape printed with Pagtatag, just like a warning sign.

sb19 pagtatag
📷: Nylon Manila/SB19 YT

Then, Pablo, Stell, Ken, Josh, and Justin appeared and each of them was holding a piece of the yellow tape. They posted on the wall the tape that they were holding. After that, the camera zoomed in on the QR code.

The said QR code will redirect the social media user to the YouTube link of SB19’s Pagtatag! Manifesto. It was a narration by Pablo, also known as Pinuno, the leader of the PPop group.

Pablo was saying that they are now in an era of putting what they have learned and acquired to the test. “We are here to build our character and strengthen it further,” he said.

Pinuno also said that they are not just here because of themselves but also because of the people surrounding them. “You are one of the roots that ground us in different directions. Yet, we grow as one,” he continued.

The group is aiming to show everyone how they grew and nurtured their tree, “with love, compassion, and kindness.”

You, us, together… We are not just SB19, but rather, a movement. This era holds us responsible for what is to come. Decisions, directions, and the drive to own the pedestal. This is Pagtatag!” Pablo said.

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