Priscilla Meirelles Posts Meaningful “Hugot” About Cheating

Priscilla Meirelles Shares a Meaningful “Hugot” on Instagram About Cheating

The former beauty queen and model Priscilla Meirelles shared a meaningful “hugot” on her Instagram account about cheating amid issues with her husband.

In an Instagram Stories post, Priscilla Meirelles shared a “hugot” tweet from a Twitter user about cheating. In her retweet, the Twitter user stated that one does not have to cheat to lose another.

The original post then listed the numerous ways in which one could lose another. It encompassed not only what someone did, but also what they did not do, based on the meaningful “hugot’.

“You don’t have to cheat to lose someone. You can lose someone from lack of communication, attention, and respect. It’s not always what you do, sometimes it’s what you didn’t do,” Priscilla’s post said.

Priscilla Merielles Cheating Hugot

Several weeks ago, John Estrada’s wife made headlines after making contentious posts about someone “making patol” to a married individual. Her posts fueled speculation that her relationship with John was in trouble and that a third party was involved.

Such rumors have yet to be substantiated and appeared baseless when John uploaded several images with Priscilla and their daughter while on holiday in Cebu. She also turned to Instagram to post pictures from her trip to Cebu.

She captioned the image, “Till we meet again,” and added an airplane emoji and a blue love emoji at the end. She uploaded photographs of herself and her daughter.

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