Valentine Rosales Wants Rendon Labador to Go in His Place

Valentine Rosales Send Address to Rendon Labador and Wants Him to be in His Place

Social media personality Valentine Rosales wants the “motivational speaker” Rendon Labador to go in his place.

Valentine Rosales, a social media personality, has made headlines again after sending a message to “motivational speaker” and entrepreneur Rendon Labador. Based on his message, Valentine proposed to the polarizing internet star.

Valentine Rosales Rendon Place

Valentine Rosales, a member of the LGBT community, suggested to Rendon that he visit his residence instead of the investigative journalist’s workplace in his response to Rendon’s video against Ben Tulfo. He even sent Rendon a private message with his address.

“PM sent na po yung address ko, derecho ka nalang sa kwarto,” Valentine said.

Netizens couldn’t stop referencing Christine because she was one of the suspects during the case’s inquiry. Valentine rose to prominence after his involvement in the case of late flight attendant Christine Dacera.

“Isusunod mo na ba siya kay Ms. Dacera? Sa Makati din ba yan? Ano raw room number ng hotel? Otw na si Rendon Labador,” netizen said.

“Ganyan din nangyare kay christine dacera eh pumasok sa kuwarto mo,” netizen commented.

In 2021, the nation discussed the inexplicable death of Christine, who was partying with Valentine and her other friends in a Makati hotel. Christine passed dead the next day after losing consciousness in the hotel bathtub.

Valentine and Christine’s acquaintances have been accused for the flight attendant’s death. However, Valentine’s lawsuit was dismissed, and he became an internet celebrity as a result of the case.

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