Instead of Help, Cops Arrested a Woman who Fell from Motorcycle

Cops Arrested a Woman Who Fell from a Motorcycle after They Found Illegal Drugs

Checkpoint cops arrested a woman who allegedly fell from a motorcycle when found illegal drugs while helping her.

A woman fell from a motorcycle at a police checkpoint in Las Pias City. However, instead of assisting, the cops arrested her after discovering illicit materials in her possession.

According to the report, the checkpoint officers discovered a gun and illegal substances in the woman’s bag while assisting her. According to reports, the woman was riding a motorcycle through the area where the police had “Oplan Sita” on Padre Diego Cera Avenue in Barangay Pulanglupa Uno.

Cops Arrested Woman Motorcycle

According to the Southern Police District, the motorcycle was halted, but instead of stopping, it abruptly maneuvered and rushed away. As a result, the female rider loses her balance and crashes into the ground.

According to a GMA news report, the woman who was left behind was named as Maricel Pultura. The motorcyclist, only identifiable by the nickname “Lolong,” fled. The cops apparently assisted Pultura in standing up, but he allegedly attempted to flee immediately.

So the authorities were suspicious and searched her sling bag, discovering a.45 caliber gun, suspected shabu, and P31,000 in cash. During the search for the escaping rider, the suspect did not make a statement.

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