Club in Pasay Raided Over Balloons Filled with Laughing Gas

Club in Pasay Selling Balloons Filled with Laughing Gas Raided by NBI

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) raided a club that is allegedly selling balloons filled with laughing gas in Pasay City.

Seven Vietnamese nationals were apprehended when NBI agents raided a Pasay club that sells balloons loaded with laughing gas or nitrous oxide. Following the 2:00 a.m. raid, the NBI recovered oxide tanks and used plastic balloons from the club.

Pasay Club Laughing Gas

The Filipino servers at the club had no idea the balloons contained laughing gas, according to the report. They stated that they just offered food and drinks to guests, while the Vietnamese personnel receive orders and create the balloons.

 “Ang (nagta-take ng order), Vietnamese. Bibigay samin yung resibo then kami ang magdadala sa pagkukunan namin ng order. Halimbawa, alak o anong drinks. Then pag may order na lobo, separate yung order na yun, may mga cards. Hindi rin namin alam na bawal yung kung anong laman nun. Ang alam namin, oxygen lang,” said the supervisor of the waiters.

He did, however, confess that it piqued his interest as to why customers would inhale the air within the balloons. He went on to say that he merely watches the servers as they serve guests since that’s where they make money and they’re all about the tip.

“Ang ginagawa kasi nila nainom together with the balloon o lobo so di namin alam kung sa alak ba sila nahihilo or sa balloon kasi halos pinagsasabay nila e. Depende rin kasi minsan marami sila magtake ng balloon… Yung iba nahihilo, sinasabayan nila ng sounds, yung tugtog, parang nag-eenjoy sila. Ako inoobserve ko lang sila (waiters) pano sila magserve ng customer kasi dun kami kumikita. Ang habol talaga namin dun, tips,” he added.

Meanwhile, one of the suspects said that they only provide drinks to customers. The establishment’s owner is still at large, but officials have obtained his name.

According to the NBI, he, like the other suspects, will face charges under Presidential Decree No. 1619, which criminalizes the use, possession, or unauthorized sale of volatile chemicals. One Filipino, who served as a security guard at the club, will also face charges for possessing an unlicensed pistol.

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