Cop who Responded to Road Rage Incident in Quezon Shot Dead

Cop Died After Shot When He Responded to a Road Rage Incident in Quezon

A cop died after being shot by a motorist when he responded to a road rage incident in Candelaria, Quezon.

A police officer was fatally shot during a road rage incident in Candelaria. According to the report, the victim is Corporal Reniel Marin, and assigned to the Candelaria Municipal Police Station.

Marin died as a result of a bullet wound while being treated at Peter Paul Hospital, according to the investigation. The man who shot Marin, Efren Azul, is wanted by authorities. He is apparently an Army reservist.

Quezon Cop Road Rage

According to police, the suspect fled shortly after the incident. The investigators are also looking for Teodolo Rustia, who was involved in the Morfie Azul shooting.

According to the police report, the police obtained information about Azul being shot by Rustia in a road rage incident this morning in Sitio Bagong Pook, Barangay Bukal Sur. Rustia and Azul’s motorcycles are alleged to have nearly collided, resulting in Azul’s shooting.

Azul was brought to the hospital with bullet wounds across his body. Marin’s squad proceeded straight to Rustia’s house for further investigation and eventual arrest.

While Marin’s team is investigating Rustia’s spouse, Efren appears and shoots their team, believing that the police shot his brother. Rustia’s adolescent daughter was also hurt in the event. The two suspects’ cases are being prepared.

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