Rendon Labador Auctions “Motivational Rice” Artwork

Rendon Labador Puts “Motivational Rice” Artwork to Auction

Online personality and so-called motivational speaker Rendon auctioned the “motivational rice” artwork of one of his followers.

Giovani Garinga, 29, of San Sebastian Ramon, Isabela, recently presented the rice artwork he created with his organization GTeam/Rice Art Nation. Rendon Labador learned about the “motivational rice artwork” created by a group of Isabela painters, which has a P100,000 price tag.

“BATTLE OF THE MOTIVATED! P100 motivational rice v.s. P100K rice art of the motivated rice artists,” according to the caption. The title of their rice artwork is “One Hundred Motivation” with a size of 68cm X 50cm.

Rendon Motivational Rice Artwork

According to Giovani, they were inspired by Rendon’s motivating rice to create rice on canvas out of roasted rice. He claimed that seven of them collaborated to complete the artwork in three days, based on the post.

They stated that they intended to contact Rendon and dare him to purchase their artwork worth P100,000. This is to put Rendon on the spot. They purposefully priced the artwork twice the actual price in order to confront Rendon and see whether he would buy their work.

Garinga added Rendon appears to support the artwork based on his Facebook posts, but he intends to sell it for up to P1M. Although the P100,000 was not agreed upon, Rendon is said to have had a good idea as well as its intention.

According to Garinga, Rendon wants to boost the offer to P1 million, with 50% of the profit going to farmers and 50% going to artists. The auction will take place on May 24, according to the article.

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