Martin Nievera Reveals He Has List Of Singers He Helped But “Nalaos”

Martin Nievera is not afraid of the fact that younger singers surpassed his popularity

Concert King Martin Nievera revealed that he has a list of singers who he helped but eventually, became “nalaos” because they were boastful and forgot where they came from.

Martin is one of the icons in the Philippine music industry. His success as a singer is an inspiration to many younger singers. The seasoned performer is also generous enough to share her expertise with the younger generation and help them pave their way in the music scene.

However, Martin shared that there were those who did not achieve the success they were supposed to have because of their bad attitude.

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Based on the article in PEP, in a recent interview for his Martin and Morissette concert with Asia’s Phoenix Morissette Amon, Martin Nievera shared that he actually has a list of those singers who did not make it in the music industry because they already became boastful.

Dear PEP, I will send you my list,” the Concert King said to the entertainment news outlet. It was said that Martin seldom says something controversial but his answer to this question was obviously based on his own experience.

Martin was asked to share his thoughts on singers who he helped who now have the same level of popularity that he has. “Hindi lang equal. They surpassed me pa,” the seasoned singer stressed.

He added that he is one of those performer who is proud of this. “Hindi ako naiinggit, hindi ako nade-depress dahil lumampas sila sa akin. No time at all, I’m like a proud father,” Martin Nievera said.

Martin Nievera
Photo: Platinumlist

If the singer he helped does not remember, he would always believe that “It’s easy to make it, easier to not make it.” With his years in the entertainment industry, Martin said that one important lesson he learned is to know who are the people you met on your way up because these are the same people you will see when you are going down.

So if that person did not remember me then I have no love for that person ‘coz not just me, but people who came along the way, who brought that person to sit in that seat equal to me, if that person doesn’t remember where he or she came from, I feel sorry for that person,” he shared.

The Concert King stressed that this kind of person has no future because one should not forget where he or she came from.

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