PHOTOS: Iza Calzano Shows Baby Deia Amihan’s Face For First Time

Iza Calzano Shows Her Adorable Baby’s Face For The First Time

IZA CALZADO – Actress Iza Calzado and her husband Ben Wintle finally gave their fans a first clear look at their daughter Deia Amihan’s face.

2018 saw the star-studded wedding of Iza Calzado and Ben Wintle in Palawan. The couple waited for more than 3 years for their first child.

Since announcing her pregnancy in August of last year, Iza has been posting nearly every day on social media about her whereabouts and the things she’s thankful for. Last March 31, the actress gave netizens a glimpse of her daughter, Deia Amihan, who was born last January 26.

Photo Source: @missizacalzado IG

Iza Calzado and Ben Wintle’s daughter immediately stole their hearts and brought so much joy to their lives. In a previous article, the actress opened up about her experience as a first-time mother.

The 40-year-old celebrity discussed her shortcomings as a new mother as well as the deep love she had just for her child. She acknowledged that the first few days were really difficult. Though she is still healing, things get better and better every day.

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Photo Source: @missizacalzado IG

Ben Wintle and Iza Calzado finally shared pictures of their daughter with their social media fans on Wednesday. Three gorgeous images of Deia Amihan that they shared for the first time soon went viral online.

In the caption of the post, they wrote: “Deia Amihan. Our little seedling is growing fast. As you turn 3 months old today, we set the intention of nurturing you so that you reach your fullest potential and fulfill your divine purpose in this world. By God’s grace, your future is brighter than we could ever imagine!”

Photo Source: @missizacalzado IG

Numerous celebrities and netizens left comments on the page praising the couple’s daughter. Here are some of their comments on the post:

@solenn: “Shes soooo yummy and pretty!!”

@reallysharoncuneta: “Beautiful baby! Beautiful Mommy & guapo Daddy eh!”

@bela: “Cutie pie”

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