Paolo Contis Reveals He Needs Permit to See Daughter Summer

Paolo Contis Needs Permit from Lawyer Just for Summer, and His Daughter from LJ Reyes.

Kapuso actor-comedian Paolo Contis revealed that he needs to get a permit from a lawyer before seeing his daughter from LJ Reyes, Summer.

Paolo revealed that he was desperate to see his ex-partner LJ Reyes’s daughter. Contis admits to being restricted from LJ’s social media pages in an interview with Nelson Canlas and Aubrey Carampel.

He explained that he needed to speak with his ex-partner’s lawyer in order to see his child, Summer. LJ and Summer were in America, and Paolo stated that he was willing to travel there just to see his daughter.

Paolo Contis Summer Permit

According to him, he was already speaking with LJ’s lawyer, requesting permission to visit his daughter. He is currently awaiting clearance for the lawyer’s permission.

“I’m waiting for the right time, I’m waiting for the go signal. I’m trying to contact them through her lawyer,”  Paolo said.

It should be noted that Paolo and LJ split up during the supposed romance between the actor and Yen Santos. Paolo has two children with his ex-partner Lian Paz, in addition to Summer. LJ has not yet responded to her ex-partner’s statement. Paolo was also involved with a number of celebrities.

Meanwhile, Paolo said that he and his girlfriend, actress Yen Santos, have been “demonized.” The actor expressed regret that people portrayed him and Yen as “demons.”

Paolo claimed to have learned his lesson. He is also aware of the outpouring of hatred directed towards him. “So what?” he responded.”This is because he believes that as long as their relationship is quiet, everything is OK.

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