Ara Mina Reacts to Christine Reyes and Marco Gumabao Relationship

Ara Mina Shares Thoughts on the Relationship of Sister Christine Reyes with Marco Gumabao

Veteran actress Ara Mina shared her thoughts on the relationship of her sister Christine Reyes with actor Marco Gumabao.

Ara said in her message to Pep that she admired Marco Gumabao’s bravery in openly disclosing his connection with actress Cristine Reyes’ sister. Marco’s admission, she claims, demonstrates how serious he is and how much he loves and cares for her sister.

“That’s good to know. It means serious siya sa relasyon nila and in love and happy siya sa sister ko. Kasi proud siya,” she said.

Ara Mina Christine Marco

Mina also expressed her joy that her sister had found a new love after her last relationship failed. Mina understood her sister’s predicament and stated that it is not a negative thing to open one’s heart to new love after suffering heartbreak.

Mina also instructed Gumabao to look after her sister and her daughter, Amarah. “Please take care and love my sister, okay? Make her happy. Please love also her daughter kasi siyempre may plus one na agad yan,” she said, based on the article of Pep.

Ara Mina eventually addressed her alleged rivalry with her sister Christine Reyes, stating that she was pained by what her sister said. She did, however, state that her relationship with her sister was fine. But she was worried that Christine’s accusation might reach their mother.

Fortunately, they were able to persuade their mother to dismiss her sister’s statement. Ara then revealed that her mother is dealing with a number of challenges that may be contributing to her negative attitude.

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