Cynthia Villar on Viral “Beastmode” Video: “We are not doing anything bad”

Cynthia Villar Airs Side After Beastmode Video Went Viral on Social Media

CYNTHIA VILLAR – The Senator speaks out following criticisms over a viral video showing her raging against security guards.

Senator Cynthia Villar responded to her viral video in which she vented her rage on the security guy and his coworkers. When she addressed a group of security guards about the iron barricades on a route in Las Pias City, the senator insisted she was doing nothing wrong.

“Yung aking lugar na ‘yun, puno ‘yung ng squatter. Nilinis ko tapos tinayuan ko ng composting facility at vermicomposting facility,” said Villar.

“’Di ko malaman bakit nila sinasarhan. That’s for the people. We are not doing anything bad. Wala sa akin ‘yun,” she added, based on the article of GMA News.

Cynthia Villar Viral Video

The footage of Villar yelling aggressively at the guards to take down the barriers went viral. In a previous post, Sen. Cynthia Villar sparked outrage online after a video of her yelling and scolding a private security officer and his boss surfaced.

She lost her cool in public. She even pushed the guard away while saying, “Umalis ka diyan!” One of the superiors intervened, imploring her not to harm his employees. “Bakit, kaya ko bang saktan ‘yan? Ano ‘yan, bakla?” she reasoned out.

This video drew several comments, many of which were critical of the senator’s behavior in light of her position as a public servant. According to several netizens, the incident occurred near Zapote River Drive, one of her favourite projects set to open in 2021. The incident occurred at an unknown time, but the video has been viewed millions of times on various social media platforms.

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