Ex-QC Mayor Herbert Bautista, City Administrator Charged with Graft

Ex-QC Mayor Herbert Bautista Charged with Graft Over P25-M Solar Project

Former Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista and his city administrator were charged with graft over a P25 million solar project.

Ex-QC Mayor Bistek and former municipal administrator Aldrin Cua are both facing graft charges before Sandiganbayan. This comes after alleged discrepancies in projects totaling P57.4 million were identified when he was in charge.

Former Mayor of Quezon City Herbert “Bistek” M. Due to suspected anomalies in projects totaling P57.4 million under their control, Bautista and then-city administrator Aldrin C. Cua were charged with two graft charges in the Sandiganbayan.

Herbert Bautista Graft

According to the report, the Ombudsman’s Office (OMB) filed both cases. The first case, assigned to the anti-graft court’s third division, includes P25.34 million paid to Cygnet Energy and Power Asia, Inc.

According to the criminal charge sheet, Bautista and Cua paid Cygnet the complete amount for the Supply and Installation of the Solar Power System and Waterproofing Works for the Civic Center Building. Cygnet, on the other hand, is stated to be ineligible for payment for allegedly failing to procure the Net Metering System from Manila Electric Company as a prerequisite of the Supply and Delivery Agreement.

The second case was heard in the 7th division. Geodata Solutions, Inc. was paid P32.1 million for the online occupational permitting and tracking system. However, it was noted in the lawsuit that there was no valid ordinance from the City Council, as well as no complete delivery of the obtained products.

The OMB suggested P90,000 bail in each of the two cases. It has not yet been determined when the Sandiganbayan’s two divisions will begin court proceedings in the two cases.

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