Carmina Villarroel Asks Lianne Valentin: “Nagkaroon ba kayo ng relasyon ni Zoren?”

Carmina Villarroel Directly Asks Lianne Valentin About Her Relationship with Zoren Legaspi

Celebrity mom Carmina Villarroel directly asks actress Lianne Valentin about her alleged relationship with her husband Zoren Legaspi.

The recent edition of Carmina’s show on the GMA network went viral after the celebrity mother asked the Kapuso actress Lianne Valentin a stunning question. In the GMA program ‘Apoy sa Langit,’ Lianne played the mistress of Carmina’s husband, Zoren Legaspi.

Some netizens couldn’t help themselves from speculating if the relationship between the 21-year-old actress and 51-year-old actor remained ‘professional ‘. During an interview with Carmina for the show ‘Sarap Di Ba,’ Lianne was taken aback by a question from the latter.

“Totoo ba na nagkaroon kayo ng relasyon ni Zoren?” Carmina directly asked.

Carmina Villarroel Lianne Valentin

Lianne was unable to answer swiftly to Carmina’s inquiry. Carmina and her co-host Boobay broke out laughing after seeing Lianne’s reaction. Lianne admits that the seasoned actress question caught her off guard.

“Nagulat ako sa tanong. Grabe,” Lianne said said during the interview.

However, the television host swiftly clarified that she was inquiring about ‘Apoy sa Langit’. Carmina joked that she wished it weren’t real since she might end up on King of Talk Boy Abunda’s show. Thousands of people watched the interview to find out if Carmina was jealous of Lianne.

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