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Higop King is Back! Joshua Garcia Scenes with Jodi Sta Maria, Gabbi Garcia Goes Viral

Higop King is Back! Joshua Garcia Scenes with Jodi Sta Maria, Gabbi Garcia Goes Viral

Joshua Garcia “Higop King” Goes Viral Again After Scenes Jodi Sta Maria and Gabbi Garcia

Kapamilya actor Joshua “Higop King” Garcia goes viral again after his scenes with co-stars Jodi Sta Maria and Gabbi Garcia in their new show.

Joshua was called the “Higop King” after a kissing scene with Janella Salvador in the Kapamilya action-fantasy series “Darna” went viral. Netizens gave Joshua the nickname because of his heated kissing session with Janella.

Joshua and Janella’s kiss becomes controversial in the show, which also stars Jane de Leon as Darna. The netizens even dubbed them the JoshNella pair after they went all out in their passionate scenes in “Darna,” which Marites are still raving about on social media.

Joshua Garcia Jodi Gabbi

The audience witnessed the aforementioned “mukbang” scene in the October 24 episode of “Darna,” in which Extra’s character impersonated police officer Brian Robles (Joshua) as Black Brian. Black Brian kisses Valentina, played by Janella, in the aforementioned scene.

Meanwhile, in his current endeavor, he shows the moniker “Higop King” again following a glimpse of him kissing actresses Jodi Sta Maria and Gabbi Garcia. The teaser for ABS-CBN’s highly awaited drama ‘Unbreak My Heart,’ starring Joshua, Jodi, Richard Yap, and Gabbi, has been published.

ABS-CBN and GMA Network collaborated on the show. The trailer starts with Joshua Garcia greeting Sta. Maria lives in Switzerland. They eventually fall in love, and Garcia even tells her that she is his destiny.

Garcia eventually meets Gabbi Garcia, who refers to him as his “knight in shining armor,” and things become even more convoluted when Richard Yap’s mysterious figure appears to order Sta’s abduction. Maria.

The teaser also shows Joshua having an intimate kissing scene with Jodi and Gabbi. Marites and his followers react in a variety of ways to his latest “mukbang.” The series, which was shot in Europe, will premiere on GMA in 2023 and will be available on Viu in 15 countries outside of the Philippines.

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