Pokwang to Make Bashers Angrier: “Dahil mga inggitero’t inggitera”

Pokwang Wants to Make Her Bashers Angrier for Being “Inggitero’t inggitera”

Pinay comedienne-actress Pokwang wants to make her bashers angrier for allegedly being “inggitero’t inggitera”.

Pokwang recently responded to a netizen who praised her in the comments area of her Instagram post. The internet user stated that she admires the comedienne for her strength.

“All I can say is ahnga ako sayo sa tibay mo ano man ang ibato sayo,” her follower said.

Pokwang Bashers Angrier

The netizen further encouraged Pokwang to keep slaughtering because her detractors would get weary of it. Pokie then stated that because her detractors are so envious, she will continue to harass them.

“Keep slaying at mapapagod rin sila sa ka babato sayo,” said the netizen in her post, which Pokwang replied, “Dahil ang haters ay mga inggitero inggitera hahahaha at lalo ko sila iinisin hahahahaa.”

Pokwang is one of the industry’s most popular comedians. Her candid and motherly demeanor is usually “popular” among Filipinos. She used to work for ABS-CBN but switched to GMA during the pandemic.

Mae and Malia are her two daughters. Her divorce from Lee O’Brian has created quite a stir on social media. She is parenting her daughter by herself. Malia, Pokwang’s five-year-old daughter, is the child of Pokwang and her estranged partner, American actor Lee O’Brian.

The comedian and Lee split up last year for an unspecified reason. Their daughter stayed with Pokwang, and their co-parenting arrangement seemed to work until early this year when the comedienne began writing “hugot” posts that appeared to be intended for Lee.

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