Rider Nabbed for Pointing Gun at Traffic Enforcer in Makati City

Rider Arrested for Pointing Gun at Traffic Enforcer After Being Apprehended

A motorcycle rider fell in jail for allegedly pointing a gun against a traffic enforcer after being apprehended for a traffic violation.

In Makati City, police apprehended a male rider for illegally possessing a handgun and pointing it at a law enforcement officer. In addition, the suspect was found to be in possession of illegal narcotics.

The cyclist was identified as Alfred Labrador, according to a GMA News report. Authorities said Labrador pointed a gun at a traffic enforcer after being penalized for failing to stop at a red light on J.P. Rizal Street.

Rider Pointing Gun Enforcer

But, Labrado just uses the revolver to intimidate the law enforcement officer and flee his infraction. As a result, the enforcer reported the event to the police right away.

Labrador was cornered on Mangga Street in the city’s Barangay Rizal. According to the report, a caliber.45 loose pistol was seized from the suspect, and the serial number had been tampered with.

Along with the unlawful handgun, authorities seized shabu, an illicit substance found on his motorcycle. The illegal substances weigh 120 grams and are valued at more than P800,000 each.

The suspect was also discovered with kush or high-grade marijuana weighing more than 25 grams and worth more than P36,000. A police inquiry discovered that the rifle was given to Labrador by a buddy for his safety.

It is also claimed that the suspect was unaware that the contents of the box he was supposed to deliver contained drugs. Labrador is being charged with violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act and illegally possessing guns.

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