Liza Soberano Reveals Real Reason Why She Turned Down “Darna”

Liza Soberano set the record straight about the Darna project

Actress Liza Soberano revealed the reason why she turned down Darna which was initially intended to be a movie project and then, it was decided to make it a series.

Liza got the offer to do this project after Angel Locsin had to back out because of her back injury. This made Liza’s fans so excited and they waited for it to happen. However, the waiting took so long.

Eventually, it was announced that Liza will no longer do the project. Based on reports, it was because of the finger injury that she got while filming for the series Bagani. Then, the project was given to Jane de Leon.

liza soberano darna
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In an interview that was released on King of Talk Boy Abunda’s YouTube channel, Liza Soberano was asked why Darna did not push through. The actress cited her TV Patrol interview with MJ Felipe in which she said that it was because of her finger injury.

However, she clarified that it was not just the reason. She cited her mental health as the main reason. “There is more to that. It was severely affecting my mental health,” the actress said.

At that time, she also had the realization that she wants to do more. The actress also shared that she prepared for Darna for two years. Back then, she was still doing Bagani. In between breaks, she would train.

liza soberano darna
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Liza said that her training for Darna was six days a week. “No matter how skinnier I got, no matter how much stronger I got, it never felt that it was enough,” the actress said.

She felt that way because that was what the people were saying to her and she started not believing in herself also and the reason behind this was the pressure. Liza said that her management kept on telling her that the Darna project should work and that it needs to be the biggest Darna there ever was.

At first, Liza believed that was possible but as the process went on, she started losing faith in herself. She shared that when she became so skinny, “they” got upset but when she put on a little weight to gain muscle, she would be too overweight for the role.

With this, Liza Soberano felt that she was never enough and that she was not pleasing “them.” This affected her body image and her mental health. “I didn’t think that I’m deserving of the role anymore and I didn’t think that I can do it,” she said.

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