Jormiel on Why Rendon is Angry with Coco: “Di nagustohan acting, di kinuha”

Jormiel Labador Reveals Reasons Why Brother Rendon is Angry with Coco Martin

Social media personality Jormiel Labador revealed some alleged reasons why his brother Rendon is being angry with actor-director Coco Martin.

Jormier Labador, brother of famous motivational speaker Rendon Labador, shared his comment on Facebook about his brother’s issue. Rendon recently went viral after insulting FPJ’s Batang Quiapo cast members Coco Martin and others.

Jormiel Rendon Coco

In his vlog, Jormiel presented some theories why his brother repeatedly insulted Coco, saying that Rendon’s problem with the actor was ‘personal’. When Rendon demonstrated his acting abilities, he suspected that he had been rejected by the Batang Quiapo production crew.

” Tol, kinukuha ka naman pala anong iniiyak mo? Kasi si utol kasi parang may lihim na galit kay Coco Martin eh, parang personal eh no,” said Jormiel.

” Siguro pinag-acting, hindi nagustuhan, hindi nakuha. Yun ang feeling ko eh, hindi marunong um-acting eh,” Jormiel added.

The so-called motivational speaker recently sent an open letter to Coco. He added in the letter that the Batang Quiapo star offered him a position in the TV series back in January 2023. Labador wants a meeting to discuss his role and the collaborative process, but the production crew was not professional during the discussion.

On the second time, the Batang Quiapo team gave him a role. He turned down the offer for a role with no apparent direction. He also remarked that he is too busy to deal with such issues.

Jormiel then advised his brother to attend an acting workshop rather than complain on social media. Jormiel also stated that, unlike his brother, he would accept Coco’s offer to join Batang Quiapo.

“Kung gusto mo talagang mag-artista tol, mag-workshop ka. Baka hindi nag-work shop, baka puro gym.. Tol wag puro gym, mag-workshop ka, gusto mo palang mag-artista [pero] ayaw mong mag-workshop,” he stressed.

“Parang ‘yung gusto mong lumaki ‘yung katawan mo pero ayaw mong mag-gym, mag-workshop ka, papakilala kita kay Direk Bobot. Umiiyak ka sa Facebook tapos hindi ka naman pala marunong um-acting, acting-an ang laban diyan,” he added in his vlog.

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