Salome Salvi is “Maria Ozawa ng Pilipinas”: “Takot mga male actors sa kanya”

Adult Content Creator Salome Salvi Dubbed “Maria Ozawa ng Pilipinas”

SALOME SALVI – Filipina adult content creator is now dubbed as “Maria Ozawa ng Pilipinas” in her new project with Vivamax.

Salome has been described as the “Maria Ozawa ng Philippines” by cult director Roman Perez Jr, who repackaged her as an s3xpert and s3x adviser in her latest film Ssshhh. The original Vivamax series will be available to watch beginning March 26, 2023.

Salome Salvi Maria Ozawa

Salome initially appeared in the sultry film Kitty K7, the tale of which was inspired by her own life. But it was Roman who recognized her potential as an s3x adviser.

“Ako ang nag-repackage sa kanya dahil nakita ko ang potensiyal niyang maging sex guru na wala nang ganito sa panahon ngayon. Nakita kong matalino ang mga opinyon ni Salome at ibang klase ang mga input niya sa mga sensual scene,” he said.

“Iba si Salome. Iba ang indayog niya. Iba ang pro sa games dahil mas alam niya ang lahat kesa sa akin. Ako pa nga ang nakikinig sa [mga suggestion] kanya, lalo na sa mga scene. Marami akong natutuhan sa kanya,” praised Roman about Salome.

Salome’s role in Ssshhh is more than just that of an adviser; she has intimate encounters with her co-stars, including rookie actor VR Relosa. The director even said that Salome’s co-stars are intimidated by her and brought their partners onto the shoot.

“Mas maiinit pa ang mga eksena ni Salome kesa sa kanyang mga pinapayuhan. Wala siyang keber sa paghuhubad, kahit sinong lalake pa ang nasa harap niya. Yung ibang male actors, natakot kay Salome kaya nag-plaster sila. Saka nandoon ang partners nila,” Roman laughing shared, based on the article of Bandera.

In Japan, Maria Ozawa is a well-known adult content actress. Salome, like her, enjoys stripping and sharing personal moments with many men. The former UP Fine Arts student was even listed No. 62 on the platform’s list of global adult content makers.

Salome appears in a popular series in which a podcaster recounts her husband’s life stories. Vince Rillon, Alexa Ocampo, Rash Flores, Amanda Avecilla, Aica Veloso, Quinn Carrillo, Micaella Raz, Aerol Bren C. Carmelo, Elora Spain, Gboy Pablo, Aziz Menaj, John Derey Guevarra, Jeffrey Hidalgo, Chesca Paredes, Arron Villaflor, Julia Victoria, VR Watch, Yen Durano, and Salome are featured here.

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