Puregold Security Emotional as She Apologized to Customer She Accused of Stealing

Puregold Security Becomes Emotional While She Apologized to Customer Over False Accusation

The security staff of supermarket Puregold becomes emotional while she apologized to the customer she accused of stealing.

Recently, Marco Neri Yutuc, the netizen who posted the video in which he was accused of stealing by a supermarket security guard, shared another video about the incident. In the most recent video, he recounted his meeting with the aforementioned security personnel.

But this time there will be no bag checking. The netizen, who was discovered to be an actor in an action series, presented his side of the tale about being approached and searched by internal security officials. Marco expressed his outrage at being wrongly accused of theft and publicly humiliated.

Puregold Security Apologized

Puregold’s internal security employee has apologized after receiving backlash on social media. While apologizing to Yutuc, she couldn’t help but become emotional, based on the video.

“Ako po ay taos-pusong humihingi ng paumanhin kay Sir Marco dahil sa totoo lang po sobrang naging trauma po ‘yung nangyari sa amin. Hindi na po ako makalabas ng bahay. Natatakot po ako tuwing ako’y lalabas ng bahay,” she said.

“Hindi ko po alam kung paano ko po haharapin ‘yung mga susunod na araw. Natatakot din po ako sa puwedeng mangyari sa mga anak ko dahil sa totoo lang po nato-trauma na rin sila,” she added.

Despite being humiliated for being suspected of stealing, Marco accepted the employee’s apology and comforted the employee as he emotionally apologized for the incident. The employee begged with those passing judgment on her to give her a second chance and to abstain from criticizing her for the error she made.

Yutuc’s prior video went viral on social media and received a variety of comments from the online community. In the video, the elderly netizen expresses his dissatisfaction with the supermarket’s security personnel.

While he was leaving, security guards stopped him and accused him of stealing deodorant. Yet, the internet user denied stealing anything. He was asked to empty his luggage in front of a security guard and a female employee. Marcofny even showed the empty deodorant container and said he took it out to see what brand he should buy.

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3 thoughts on “Puregold Security Emotional as She Apologized to Customer She Accused of Stealing”

  1. Doesn’t change the fact that he was humiliated in public. Showing the receipt should have been taken in consideration. While I think both of them may think they were doing their job, it could have been done in a private setting. They may have done this several times before, who knows… Do your job, the right way. No one has the right to humiliate other people. At least now she knows how it is to be humiliated… Hard lesson to learn….

  2. sa totoo lang, ganyan talaga ang protocol sa lahat ng Puregold Supermakets, all people entering the store are treated like potential shoplifters, never akong papasok sa grocery na yan.

  3. for me,, I think mag sampa ako ng case laban sa guard, di naman tama pag bintangan kaagad ang tao pwede naman tanongin muna. abusado dn kc yan mga yan porket nka uniform, ehh empleyado lang naman sila, kong mka asta kasi daig pang my ari. just saying
    pray mo lang madam kong di mAg sasampa ng kaso or mag rereklamo ng kahihiyan si today.. kong sau kya gawin cguro ganon ang gagawin mo tulad ng nasa isip namin..God bless to everyone keep safe


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