Bela Padilla Receives Apology From Netizen Who Made Silly Accusation

Bela Padilla was accused of being a snob

Actress-director Bela Padilla received an apology from a netizen who made silly accusations against her.

Bela, as a big fan of English singer-songwriter Harry Styles, was excited about his concert at the Philippine Arena on March 14. However, the Pinay celebrity encountered some fans who became so demanding.

Apparently, there were those who accused her of being a snob for not giving in to their requests to have a photo with her.

bela padilla
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Bela Padilla explained in her tweets that she was there to watch and enjoy Harry Styles’s concert just like other fans. “Now, if you asked me to take a photo while I was clearly talking to my 4 friends that I met there, I would’ve replied “sorry were talking, let’s take it later,” the actress wrote.

She personally replied to a netizen who said that what she did was disappointing. Bela said that the netizen was making up a story.

Following that tweet, the actress shared a follow-up tweet. She shared that the netizen deleted the original post and went private. The actress also shared that she received an apology and this is something that she appreciates.

Following the apology that she received, Bela said that she deleted her post as well. Indeed, her post is no longer available on her Twitter page.

bela padilla tweet

With the way she dealt with this situation, the actress received positive feedback from netizens. “Good that you taught her a lesson and for others to learn from it. Naghanap lang ata ng way sumikat sa socmed at kaw ung ginamit. Anyways, high respect for you, Bela,” a netizen commented.

There were also those who proved that Bela Padilla is not a snob. Here are some of the comments on the actress’s tweet.

bela padilla t comments

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