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Richard Juan Shares Experience Meeting Korean Star Ji Chang Wook

Richard Juan Shares Experience Meeting Korean Star Ji Chang Wook

Richard Juan had the chance to meet Ji Chang Wook

Filipino-Chinese actor-host Richard Juan shared his experience meeting South Korean star Ji Chang Wook.

Many Filipinos are embracing the Korean wave. In the Philippines, K-Pop, K-drama, and even K-fashion are quite popular, especially among the younger generation. One of the Hallyu stars who have huge fandom in the country is Chang Wook.

Just recently, the Korean actor attended the 16th Asian Film Awards which was held t the Palace Museum in Hong Kong. Richard Juan also attended the same event in which Ji Chang Wook received the Next Generation Award.

Richard Juan
Photo Source: @richardjuan IG

In an interview with PUSH, Richard shared that this event is a prestigious one as this is a celebration of the best of Asian cinema. The Chinoy celebrity felt honored to be part of this event.

It’s a great opportunity for Asian cinema to be showcased and recognized on a global scale,” Richard said, adding that it was indeed a fun event and everyone enjoyed being there.

Aside from being prestigious, the said event was also memorable because it is one of the first major entertainment events that Hong Kong hosted from the time pandemic hit the world.

richard juan ji chang wook
📷: @richardjuan IG

One thing that Richard enjoyed also was the moment when he met Chang Wook. The Chinoy celebrity said that it was during the pre-ceremony cocktail event. He was mingling and chilling with some of his friends.

Then, suddenly, they heard people screaming outside the red carpet. That was a cue that a big star was coming. “We all knew it was for one of the biggest stars of the night, Ji Chang-Wook,” the actor-host shared.

Richard Juan said that everything happened so fast and they suddenly noticed that Chang Wook was walking into the event. He said that he made sure that her camera was ready.

Richard shared a video selfie on his Instagram Page featuring the moment he met Ji Chang Wook.

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