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Ogie Diaz Belies Liza Soberano's Statement on Commission, Duty as Manager

Ogie Diaz Belies Liza Soberano’s Statement on Commission, Duty as Manager

Ogie Diaz defended his side against Liza Soberano’s claim

Talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz belied the statement made by actress Liza Soberano about commissions and their contract.

Ogie explained his side of the issue between him and Liza. In his recent Showbiz Update vlog, the former talent manager of Liza contradicted what she said in her Fast Talk interview.

Liza was asked about the commission that Ogie received from her. The talent manager explained that it was a standard in his contracts with talents that initially, he will get a 30 percent commission.

ogie diaz liza soberano
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However, Ogie said that he broke his own rule when he started getting 20 percent from Liza because he wanted the actress to get a bigger percentage of what she was earning.

Ogie also contradicted that Liza’s aunt, Joni Lyn Castillo was getting a 10 percent commission. The talent manager explained that Tita Joni’s commission was taken from Liza’s 70 percent take-home earnings, which is just 7 percent.

He also clarified that it was not Tita Joni who suggested that they will lower their commission. Eventually, Ogie Diaz got 20 percent, ABS-CBN also had 10 percent, and Tita Joni received 7 percent.

Liza used to get 63 percent kaya hindi ko alam kung saan nanggaling si Liza na 30 percent na lang nakuha niya,” Ogie said.

Liza Soberano and Ogie Diaz

In Liza’s interview, she also mentioned that Ogie was not visible on the set of her projects. She said that it was always her Tita Joni, her road manager, who always accompanies her.

The talent manager-vlogger denied this and reminded her that he went to Baguio City when she was shooting for her Forevermore series with Enrique Gil. He also said that he also went to New York for the LizQuen project and he stressed that he spent his personal money on that.

When the Make It With You series was shooting in Quezon City, Ogie Diaz said that he always visited the set, especially since it was just near.

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