NAIA Security Screeners Not Allowed to Wear Uniforms with Pockets

Security Screeners in NAIA Ordered Not to Wear Uniforms with Pockets

Security screeners in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) were ordered not to wear uniforms with pockets.

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) has previously directed that all security employees operating at the NAIA refrain from wearing any uniform with pockets. The order was issued to restrict all screening officials from extorting and pickpocketing travelers.

A security screening officer (SSO) was recently caught snatching a Chinese passenger’s smartwatch at the airport’s Terminal 1. It should also be noted that last month, a Thai tourist witnessed security employees reportedly stealing P8,000 from a colleague who was being screened.

NAIA Security Screeners Uniforms

According to the footage, an officer returned the money to the tourist after they informed the security team that they had videotaped the entire episode. According to a report, (MIAA) General Manager Cesar Chiong confessed that the events had dealt a significant setback to the NAIA’s enhanced image as an international tourist gateway.

To avoid similar events in the future, the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) implemented many adjustments, including prohibiting staff from wearing uniforms with pockets. Based on the report, they also prohibited all security staff from interacting with passengers or assisting them with their luggage.

CCTV cameras were also installed on the screening terminals to increase the transparency of the security checks performed by workers. Lawmakers and the general public have their own ideas for preventing the recurrence of theft allegations, which are believed to highlight NAIA’s status as one of the “worst airports” in the world.

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