Marco Gumabao Speaks About Status Of His Relationship w/ Cristine Reyes

Marco Gumabao and Cristine Reyes are subjects of a recent relationship rumor

Actor Marco Gumabao has spoken about the status of his relationship with Cristine Reyes after they were spotted together in Siargao.

Rumors linking Marco and Cristine circulated when photos of them together in Siargao surfaced online. In a vlog shared by talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz, he shared that he sent a message to the actor asking him if he is courting the actress or if they are already in a relationship with each other.

Ogie shared that Marco only replied “itanong mo sa kaniya” which means that the talent manager just asked Cristine about this.

marco gumabao
📷: Kami

During a recent press conference for his new movie Baby Boy, Baby Girl with Kylie Verzosa, Marco Gumabao was asked about the real score between him and Cristine Reyes.

The actor said that he and Cristine have known each other for quite a long time now. He shared that he worked with the actress in his first TV series Tubig at Langis. “I can say that we have formed a good relationship and solid friendship throughout the years,” tugon ni Marco na atubi pang sumagot nu’ng una,” he added.

cristine reyes marco gumabao
📷: Ogie Diaz YT channel

Then, Marco said that he and Cristine got closer. “Recently, we’ve been very, very close, we’ve been working out together and hanging out a lot,” the actor shared.

He also said that they both have a lot in common and they simply click. “Cristine is a very honorable person, click kami in terms of mga trip namin sa buhay, ugali namin, nagko-complement kami with each other,” Marco said.

When asked if they don’t have a label for now, the actor jokingly asked back what a “label” is. Then, he said that the press will know about this if ever there is something already. Marco Gumabao has this answer when asked if what he and Cristine Reyes have now will lead to a deeper relationship and commitment. “Well, nasa kanya na yun!” he said.

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