Priscilla Meirelles Posts Quote About Married Chasing Single: “Pathetic!”

Priscilla Meirelles Posts Cryptic Quote About Married Chasing Single

PRISCILLA MEIRELLES – The wife of veteran actor John Estrada posted a cryptic quote about married individuals chasing single people.

The former beauty queen has created quite a fuss on social media thanks to a comment she put on her Instagram account. Priscilla came to Instagram Stories with a mysterious comment about sad individuals.

Priscilla Meirelles Married Quote

In the stated post, she singled out married men and women for supposedly pursuing single boys and girls. She did not, however, disclose whether she was attempting to target or draw the notice of anyone in the aforementioned post. Such men and women are “really so pitiful,” said the actress-model and former beauty queen.

“Married men/women who chase single boys/girls are seriously so pathetic!” reads Priscilla’s post, which appears to be a quote from someone else.

Priscilla is married to John Estrada, a Filipino actor, and model. They married in March of 2011 and were blessed with a daughter named Anechka. Anechka celebrated her 11th birthday on February 6th, having been born in 2012, a year after John and Priscilla married.

The wife of actor John Estrada, Priscilla Meirelles de Almeida, is a Brazilian model, host, actress, environmentalist, and beauty queen. In 2004, she was crowned Miss Earth, with the event held in the Philippines. In 2003, she was also crowned Miss Globe.

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