Engineering Student Died Over Hazing of Tau Gamma Phi in Cebu

Engineering Student Also Died as Hazing Victim of Tau Gamma Phi in Cebu

An engineering student at a university in Cebu also died as a hazing victim at the hand of the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity.

Prior to the discovery of John Matthew Salilig’s remains in a shallow ditch in Cavite, his family believes an engineering student at the University of Cebu died as a result of hazing by the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity. According to the article, the dead was Ronnel Baguio, a second-year engineering student.

According to Ronnel’s mother, Lenny, the lone child called her on December 18 to say he was dizzy, vomiting, and having difficulty breathing. Ronnel is believed to have been carried to the hospital by his dormmates, but he died there as well.

Engineering Student Hazing Cebu

The victim’s body was autopsied, and bruises and cuts were purportedly discovered on the back of his two thighs. According to his death certificate, the causes of his death were severe acute respiratory distress due to indirect lung injury, acute renal injury due to rhabdomyolysis, and rhabdomyolysis due to several physical traumas.

Rhabdomyolysis, according to the report, is a disorder in which proteins and electrolytes from injured tissues or muscles enter the human bloodstream. Ronnel’s mother contacted the Public Attorney’s Office for assistance in filing charges against individuals who hazed her son.

Ronnel’s last telephone messages are among the evidence being produced. The victim’s interaction with a school instructor who is also a member of the fraternity is believed to be captured here. Atty. According to Persida Acosta, the PAO’s chief, only one individual can be charged.

The family’s search for Salilig came to an end after several days when someone pointed out where his body was buried in Cavite. Salilig, an Adamson University student, is claimed to have died after being unable to withstand the agony of hazing by his fraternity, Tau Gamma Phi.

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  1. Dapat pag papasok ang student sa isang university gumawa ng kasulatan na hindi aanib sa anumang fraternity. Kung meron mang fraternities dapat 21 years old and above ang edad ng sasali.


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