Holdupper Who Killed a New Zealander in Makati City Surrender

Holdupper Suspect in Killing a New Zealander in Makati City Surrender top Cops

Holdupper identified as the suspect in killing a New Zealander in Makati City surrendered to the authorities.

The suspect in the February 19 killing of a New Zealand tourist in Makati City has surrendered to authorities. The suspect, John Mhar Manalo, surrendered to authorities in Pasig City early Friday morning, accompanied by family members.

New Zealander Holdupper

Three witnesses identified Manalo as the shooter during the robbery attempt on the victim, Nicholas Peter Stacey. Based on the report, he turned himself in hours after police designated him as one of two suspects in the murder.

Initially, the authorities offered a P500,000 prize to anyone who could teach the culprits. Manalo, for his part, denied any involvement in Stacey’s death but surrendered to an arrest warrant in connection with an unrelated theft incident in Bulacan.

Stacey was shot and killed on the spot while fighting with hold-uppers. Stacey stayed at Room 16 Airbedz Makati on Boyle St. in Barangay Palanan, Makati. According to the police investigation, Stacey was with his girlfriend when the armed men approached them.

Police said, “the suspect discharged the gun and hit the victim’s left chest, resulting in his death.” The motorcycle-riding males escaped toward Pasay City and seized Stacey’s girlfriend’s phone and cash.

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