Police Central Visayas to Use Drones for Campaign Against Crime

Central Visayas Police Office Uses Drones for Campaign Against Crime

Police Regional Office Central Visayas (PRO-7) used drones for their campaign against criminals and crimes.

Drones will now be used in the Central Visayas government’s anti-crime effort. The PRO-7 developed a drone patrolling squad to supplement the personnel who undertake regular ground patrols.

Police Central Visayas Drones

According to Lt. Col. Gerard Ace Pelare, spokeswoman for Brig. Gen. Jerry Bearis, commander of PRO-7, one of the regional director’s anti-criminality measures is the use of technology. Pelare stated that 40 drone patrollers will assist urban patrollers deployed in high-crime regions, based on the report.

“You can just imagine, you can now predict traffic congestion with the use of drone patrollers. You can easily pursue criminals. Law enforcement will be a lot more convenient and effective,” said Pelare.

Pelare stated that the efficiency of the drone patrollers was demonstrated last month at the Sinulog Festival at South Road Properties in this city. There were snatching occurrences, and thanks to our drone patrol crew, we were able to find and catch the perpetrators, said Pelare.

The 40 drone patrollers are under the Regional Operations Division, which will plan a “systematic and analytical deployment”, Pelare said. The regional director wants is for our drone team to complement our foot patrolling team.

“What our regional director wants is for our drone team to complement our foot patrolling team. Just imagine, we have a patrol on the ground and we have an aerial patrol as well,” the police added.

Pelare stated that PRO-7 has purchased drones with the requisite specs and that the patrolling team members have undertaken the necessary training for maximum outcomes. PRO-7 intends to acquire more drones in the future because the present 40 available gadgets are insufficient, according to Pelare.

“We are really seeing that time will come that all police units will have their drone patrols which is really a big help in crime prevention and drug solution,” added Pelare.


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