Quezon Mayor to Give Triple Pay to Single Employees on Feb 14

Single Employees of Quezon To Recieve Triple Pay on Feb 14 from Mayor

The Mayor of General Luna, Quezon offered to give triple pay to all single or hopeless romantic employees on Valentine’s Day.

According to Mayor Matt Florindo of the said town, people who work on February 14 would be paid up to three times the typical income for single employees. Florindo stated during the flag ceremony on Monday, February 6, that employees who have been single for more than five years will be eligible for the aforementioned incentives.

Single Employees Triple Pay

Florindo stated that other single local government unit (LGU) employees might choose between double pay and unpaid leave. If they work on February 14, they will be paid twice, or they can leave without pay to enjoy the long weekend.

Qualified employees can apply to the Mayor’s Office or the Human Resources Management Office, where a special committee will assess the employees’ relationship status. They say that honesty is essential.

The mayor stressed that the monies used to double or triple the employee’s wage are his own funds and will not be taken from local government finances, based on the report.

Florido sees this as part of innovative governance. He also stated that he wants to provide singles the opportunity to enjoy their single life and find someone to share it with.

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