Community Pantry Group Helps Farmers to Sell Onions

Community Pantry Group Appeals to Buy Onions from Them to Help Farmers

The community pantry group asked the public to buy onions from them in order to help farmers sell their produce at a fair price.

Ana Patricia Non, the creator of the Maginhawa Community Pantry, encouraged the public to buy onions from them. This attempts to assist farmers in selling their produce at the correct price.

Community Pantry Group Onions

Following Non’s announcement that they will be selling vegetable bouquets’ for Valentine’s Day, the stated group announced the sale of onions. According to Non’s organization, interested consumers can place a minimum order of P200 per kilo and donate one kg to the community kitchen.

“Para sa mga interesadong bumili, ₱200 per kilo lang po at 2 kilos po ang minimum order, maari niyong i-donate ang isang kilo para sa community kitchen,” said Non’s group.

According to a Facebook post by Community Pantry PH, on Monday, February 6, someone approached their farmers with white and red onions from San Jose, Nueva Ecija. According to the farmers, wholesalers continue to acquire onions at low prices.

From the P80 per kilo provided to them on Sunday, February 5, the offer on Monday was claimed to be only P40 per kilo. The onions they harvest are medium in size and of restaurant-grade, therefore 40 pesos per kilo is not as fair as the intermediaries would want.

“Sabi ni Kuya Neil, medium size ang mga sibuyas na aanihin nila at talagang restaurant quality kaya naman hindi talaga makatarungan ang 40 pesos per kilo gaya ng gusto ng mga middleman,” they said.

“We will buy the onions at the right price,” added the group.

On Saturday, February 11, 1,500 kilos (1.5 tons) of white onions from San Jose, Nueva Ecija farmers will arrive to be sold. The community pantry announced that it is taking large orders from restaurant operators. More orders mean happier farmers, they added in their post.

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