Ivana Alawi Files Estafa Case Against Business Partners

Ivana Alawi Files Estafa Against 888 Paragons Golden Dragonz Manufacturing Corporation

IVANA ALAWI – Youtuber Ivana Alawi filed an estafa case against the executives of 888 Paragons Golden Dragonz Manufacturing Corp. at the Taguig City Prosecutor’s Office on Monday,

Ivana Alawi rose to prominence once she began creating YouTube content. Despite her background as an actor, she rose to fame as a YouTuber. In fact, she already has over 16 million YouTube subscribers. She had several opportunities after his social media success, including appearing in a series.

Just recently, Ivana disclosed that she was scammed by the developer of her collagen-boosting drink. Alawi, along with her lawyers from Rama, Baena Tan and Ang Law office (RBTA) filed an estafa case against the executives of 888 Paragons Golden Dragonz Manufacturing Corp at the Taguig City Prosecutor’s Office on Monday.

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In her complaint affidavit, Alawi Alawi said she deposited P4.8 million in the manufacturing company’s account as an advance payment for the exclusive distribution of the collagen boosting drink.

“I was promised that they can formulate and manufacture a beauty- boosting product and assured me that they can lock-in exclusively to me the melon flavor if I advanced the money as soon as possible…”

“They purposely misled me into believing that I can get exclusivity on the melon flavor, when in fact they were already preparing to manufacture and sell a competing product,” she added.

“On October 7, 2022, in my behalf, my brother deposited P4.885 to the company account, relying in good faith on the promises to lock in the exclusivity deal,” said Ivana.

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Photo Source: @ivanaalawi IG

However, the said manufacturing company allegedly did not fulfill their promises and what’s worst is they also allegedly sold the same product that she said was `intended under my name and line.’

“Respondents had proceeded to put out beauty- boosting drinks replicated from the product specifications that my team and I relayed to them during our product development meetings,” Ivana added.

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The 26-year-old celebrity added that a drink like her intended line was sold in the market, two days after she deposited the cash advance. She also said that due to the deception, she sent several demand letters to company executives to return her money.

To date, my attempts have been in vain. The respondents on their part have been openly flaunting the windfall cash they got from me and alleged profits they gained in selling the product they copied from me, but using low quality and unhygienic manufacturing processes and ingredients,” she said.

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