Indonesian TV Station Stops Airing Darna After 2 Weeks

Darna Stops Airing at the Indonesian TV Station After 2 Weeks

ABS-CBN’s superhero TV series Darna allegedly stopped airing at the Indonesian TV station after two (2) weeks.

The Kapamilya series “Mars Ravelo’s Darna The TV Series” has been stopped after only two weeks on the air in Indonesia. According to the source, the aforementioned show has been pulled from ANTV, a free TV channel in Indonesia’s Muslim country, because some of its scenes are inappropriate for their culture and regulations.

Darna Indonesian TV Airing

It is stated that the actress Jane de Leon can hardly be seen when she wears a Darna costume since her body is blurred on television. A re-run of the show is currently taking over the timeslot of the said Kapamilya series in the mentioned country.

It was earlier claimed that Darna’s chest was covered when its official poster was released and shared on ANTV’s official IG account. ABS-CBN and JRB Creative Productions have released a statement on the matter.

According to an ABS-CBN International Sales Division statement given to Philippine Entertainment Portal (, Indonesia has an analog shutdown, therefore the release of Mars Ravelo’s Darna has been halted there, but it will resume as soon as feasible.

“Indonesia recently stopped analog TV broadcasting and shifted to digital TV broadcasting. ANTV determined that it would be better for viewers to enjoy ‘Darna’ once the transition to digital TV broadcasting has been completed. New airing details will be announced soon,” the Kapamilya network said.

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