Lovi Poe Talks About Her Character Who Abuses Her Husband in ‘Latay’

Lovi Poe has this dramatic movie with Allen Dizon

Kapamilya actress Lovi Poe talked about her character Lorie in the movie Latay who is someone who abuses her husband Olan, played by actor Allen Dizon.

In a recent interview, based on the article in Inquirer, Lovi was asked how she was able to portray her character Lorie in the said movie which is directed by. Ralston Jover. The actress shared that she would always ask the guidance of their director during their shooting.

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Lovi admitted that, so far, this is one of the most difficult characters she portrayed. “The last thing I want to do is intentionally hurt someone. In real life, I avoid arguments as much as possible because I never want to hurt another person, even if it’s just verbal abuse,” she explained.

The actress shared that she was making a big effort in motivating herself in doing scenes in which she would berate Allen’s character for not providing for them financially, much more in scenes in which Lorie would beat Olan.

Lovi Poe said that personally, this is something that she could not do to her loved ones. She also admitted that without the help of her leading man and their director, doing this role will become more challenging.

lovi poe
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Doing this movie, the actress realized that there are people who are really not meant for each other. “I don’t want to spoil the story for everyone, so let’s just say ‘di talaga sila swak. It’s better that they separate while they still care for each other,” she said.

The actress also said that she would rather be the one who is hurting than the one causing the pain to the other person. She added that she does not want to have that kind of burden on her conscience.

“I’m probably selfish that way, but at least, I will be able to look at that person straight in the eye, knowing that I did him no wrong,” Lovi said.

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