Luis Manzano has this joke about letting Vilma Santos borrow baby Peanut

Vilma Santos talked about her excitement about Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola’s baby

Actor-host Luis Manzano has this joke about letting his mother Star for all Seasons Vilma Santos borrow their baby Peanut.

Vilma is so excited to welcome her first grandchild. Now that Luis has his first child with his wife actress Jessy Mendiola, Vilma is definitely going to be a hands-on lola. In a recent interview, based on the article in Inquirer, the veteran actress said she will try not to be a stage grandmother.

luis manzano jessy mendiola vilma santos

She also shared that her son allowed her to borrow her granddaughter but the actor-host has a condition. Luis Manzano is known for his funny banters and on this matter, he also has a joke for his mother.

“Lucky (Luis’ nickname) said they won’t mind if I borrow Baby Peanut every day as long as she goes home to them with diamonds each time. That’s how crazy he is,” Vilma Santos shared.

The veteran actress shared that she was so excited to welcome her apo that she turned down the chance to travel abroad last December. It is because she wants to be around when her grandchild would arrive.

Vilma also shared that her son really took care of his wife, especially when Jessy already had difficulties moving around because of her big tummy. “With what I saw, I can only imagine how much love there will be now that they are already a family,” she shared.

The veteran actress also said that she saw how the couple took care of each other and with this, she can say that Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola will surely do a great job in taking care of their baby Peanut.

They were very prepared for her arrival. Peanut’s room was ready way ahead of her birth, especially once Luis and Jessy learned of her gender. I really felt their happiness,” Vilma Santos shared.

She added that while waiting for baby Isabelle Rose Tawile Manzano, people kept on asking her about her apo and so, she felt like she is becoming a stage lola. With this, she would just stop talking about baby Peanut and would say that it is up to the parents how they want to raise their baby.

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