Rowena Guanzon Frustrated on Fertilizer High Price: “Mga inutil!”

Rowena Guanzon Air Frustration Over High Price of Fertilizer

P3PWD Party-list nominee Rowena Guanzon vents frustration on social media against the high price of fertilizer.

Guanzon couldn’t help but be irritated after learning about the fertilizer price increase on Twitter. According to Guanzon, the price has risen from P720 last year to P3,800 this year.

“Last year fertilizer was P720 per sack now it is P3,800 #mgainutil” said Guanzon on her tweet.

Rowena Guanzon Fertilizer

Some netizens agreed with Guanzon’s tweet and expressed their displeasure with the price increase. Some internet users chastised the Secretary of Agriculture (DA) for raising the prices of essential items.

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that the price of eggs increase. According to some reports, the price of eggs has risen from 7-8 pesos to 9 or 10 pesos for each piece.

The President’s Department of Agriculture explained that the price hike was caused by avian flu in Central Luzon. They believe that it will take at least five months for egg prices to return to normal.

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. has signed business agreements with China that will cut fertilizer prices in order to assist farmers and ensure food security in the Philippines. Cheloy Garafil, Communications Officer in Charge, stated that the fertilizer sales were negotiated during a roundtable meeting in Beijing with chief executive officers from China’s agribusiness industry.

During the meeting, the President thanked two Chinese fertilizer manufacturing businesses for signing a cooperation agreement with the Philippine International Trading Corp. to assure a steady supply of much-needed fertilizers at competitive costs.

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