Agot Isidro Wish for Christmas: “All I want for Christmas is love…jowa!”

Agot Isidro Reveals her Christmas Wish is Love and Jowa

Veteran actress Agot Isidro revealed that her wish for the upcoming Christmas is love and allegedly a “jowa” or boyfriend.

During the press conference for Cineko Productions’ film “Family Matters,” Agot answered the media’s questions about her love life. According to a report by the Philippine Entertainment Portal, Agot surprised reporters by revealing what type of Christmas gift she would like to receive.

“All I want for Christmas is love… is jowa,” laughed Agot.

Agot Isidro Christmas Jowa

The 56-year-old actress made it plain that she is content as a “strong independent woman”. However, she believed that joy is different when someone else is around and makes her life happy.

Her marriage was canceled in 2010 by her ex-husband Manu Sandejas, according to prior reports. The senator who ran against him in 2019 was the last person alleged to be in a relationship with him.

However, their relationship did not end at the altar. Agot is known to have been single for some years. She stressed that she is prepared in the event that her path intersects with a “special someone” in her life.

The actress, on the other hand, clarified she is not actively hunting for it. If it comes to her, she will consider it a “gift,” she said emphatically. According to the experienced actress, kindness is the first quality of a man who will make her heart beat.

The film in which the actress stars is one of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2022 participants (MMFF). The official trailer for the aforementioned film has received over 35 million views across all platforms.

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