Taguig LGU to Take Back PDEA Building Following Drug Bust

PDEA Building to be Taken Back by Taguig LGU Over Arrested Officials

The local government of Taguig will take back the building given to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) following the arrest of officials.

The donated building will be returned to the PDEA by the Taguig City government. This after, the agency official and two employees were subsequently detained for allegedly selling illegal substances recently for more than P9 million.

PDEA Building Taguig

According to a statement from the Taguig municipal council, support for the PDEA, in particular for its district office in the city, has been halted as a result of the aforementioned issue. The City is certain that those responsible must be made accountable.

“The City is temporarily suspending its support to and coordination with PDEA pending the outcome of the criminal investigation. The City insists that those involved should be held accountable,” emphasized the Taguig government.

Based on the report, the city government also denounced Enrique Lucero, the head of PDEA’s Southern District Office, and two of its agents, Anthony Vic Alabastro and Jaireh Llaguno, for their involvement in the selling of illegal drugs in the same structure that they donated to PDEA in 2018. Their driver, Mark Warren Mallo, was also detained in this drug operation.

“It is a betrayal of the highest order,” the Taguig government added.

The suspects were detained after selling illegal substances, to an undercover police officer at the PDEA offices. According to a police report from Kraft, the suspects had a kilogram of illegal substances, four guns, a digital weighing scale, and the cash from the buy-bust all on them.

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