Mikoy Morales Admits Being “Dyutay”:”Bawi naman sa performance”

Mikoy Morales Frankly Admitted He is “Dyutay”

Kapuso actor and comedian Mikoy Morales frankly admitted that he is “dyutay” or has a small male private part.

Jake Cuenca, Mikoy Morales, and Gold Aceron eagerly responded to the issue of whether they are “daks or dyuts” during the press conference for the theatrical play “D1ck Talk.” The three will star in the dramatic production that Eboy Vinarao of V-Roll Media Ventures has developed.

This collaboration with Trifecta Brand Lab, run by Tristan Cheng, is sure to be successful. Because someone will actually reveal his intimate part on the show, the dynamic between Jake, Mikoy, Gold, and the transman Nil Nodalo appears to be explosive.

The piece undoubtedly has societal relevance. It is said that it will also demonstrate the struggles that guys face. Jake is incredibly self-assured about how big his manhood is. Jake claims that he is prepared to strip to demonstrate it.

“Kung gusto ninyo, ngayon na! I am confident enough to take off my clothes for this play! Ha! Ha! Ha!,” said the hunk actor.

Mikoy Morales Dyutay

Mikoy acknowledged that he is “dyuts” in the meanwhile. He acknowledged that he already had a small manhood, but he insisted that he was giving it his all in terms of performance.

“To be honest, insecurity ko nga ‘yun Ha! Ha! Ha! In-embrace ko na! Kahit hindi ako malaki sa ibang bagay. Bumabawi naman sa performance. Confident ako na hindi na ‘yun source ng kaligayahan!,” Mikoy admitted during the interview.

Aceron, on the other hand, said: “Wala naman sa akin ‘yun. ‘Pag tinatanong ko, ‘Dyutay ka ba?’ Sinasabi ko, oo. Dyutay talaga ako pero para sa akin. Tingnan ninyo na lang! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

The cast includes the transman Phil Noble but it is not obvious that he is a transman. “Para sa akin, pagdating sa s3xual intercourse, it’s about performance!,” said Phil.

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