Student Found Dead with No Clothes after Attending Party in Cebu

Grade 10 Student Found Dead with No Clothes After Attending a Party in Cebu

A 15-year-old student was found dead and had no clothes in a grassy area of Barangay Gairan, Bogo City, Cebu.

On social media, the 15-year-old girl’s tragedy has gone viral. According to the report, the victim was identified as Barangay Gairan resident Jeanelle Maekylla Royos, a homosexual student in grade 10.

Cebu Student Lifeless

According to the investigation, the body was found by a 47-year-old woman who was feeding her goat. The presence of a swarm of insects and an offensive odor led to the body’s discovery.

On Friday, November 11, the victim allegedly went to a birthday celebration with his 19-year-old girlfriend. On November 12, at midnight, they chose to return home. The victim’s girlfriend claimed that although they left the party together.

They separated on their way home. When the girlfriend arrived home, she allegedly texted Royos. The victim, though, did not reply to the messages. The victim’s body had several wounds, according to the authorities.

The incident in question is still under investigation. Their research turned out the identities of the two POIs (persons of interest), according to Lieutenant Colonel Florendo Fajardo.

He claimed that they removed a bloody pillow from the boy’s home and used it as proof. He claimed that in order to compare the pillow’s DNA results to the victim’s sample, they submitted it to the Regional Forensic Unit Central Visayas for testing.

They also discovered fresh scratches on the youngster’s chest, according to Fajardo, although the boy claimed they were brought on by the welding rod at his Minglanilla workplace. Fajardo claimed that because the POIs’ testimonies do not line up, their detectives are verifying their allegations to make sure they are telling the truth.

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