Arnold Clavio Defends DOH USec Camilo Cascolan from Critics

Arnold Clavio Sees No Flaws for Camilo Cascolan Appointed as DOH USec

Veteran journalist Arnold Clavio defended former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief and new Department of Health (DOH) Undersecretary Camilo Cascolan from critics.

Journalist Arnold Clavio defended the recently appointed DOH undersecretary on Instagram. He sees nothing wrong with the choice of Camilo Cascolan as the health officer, according to his post.

Arnold Clavio Camilo Cascolan

Clavio stated that it is not unusual for former police officers and the military to be appointed to manage the organization responsible for overseeing public health. Clavio used the IATF as an illustration, which is run by retired generals.

“Wala akong nakikitang masama sa pagtalaga ni Pangulong Marcos kay Cascolan sa DOH,” Clavio stated.

“Bakit ? Malala ang katiwalian sa loob ng DOH . Sa nagdaang mga panahon,” he added.

Clavio claims that Cascolan could be able to dissolve the organizations that the DOH believes are engaging in illicit activity. He also stressed in his post the need for a fresh being to discover what is wrong with the process because only someone from the outside can see the filth inside.

“Isang taga-labas ang tanging makakakita ng dumi sa loob . Isang bagong nilalang ang kailangan para malaman ang mga mali sa proseso. Kung yan ang magiging trabaho ni Cascolan , maging graftbuster sa loob ng DOH , mas dapat pa tayong matuwa at suportahan ito, he added.

You may recall that a number of organizations objected to Cascolan’s appointment to the DOH since he isn’t legally allowed to practice medicine. However, the retired general said in his statement that he would use his background in “management” to serve as the DOH undersecretary in an efficient manner.

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