Family Feud Criticized Over Censored Answer of Cosplayer Buunja

Family Feud Receives Criticisms After They Censored the Answer of Buunja

The GMA’s game show Family Feud received criticisms online after they censored the answer of a cosplayer contestant named Buunja.

Twitter is buzzing about contestant Buunja’s response to the jackpot round of the most popular game show on the GMA Network, “Family Feud,” hosted by Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes. Buunja was asked what body part starts with the letter T in this jackpot round.

Family Feud Buunja

Perhaps because of the length of the response, Buunja answered without hesitation of “titi”. Bunjaa responded right away, but she covered her mouth so the audience couldn’t hear.

Dingdong persisted in his interrogation of the participant without pausing. Following the censorship of one of their contestant’s responses, the “Family Feud” program received some negative feedback from online users.

Many online users quickly guessed Bunjaa’s response, and some of them expressed disappointment because the term in question didn’t require censorship. They were also perplexed why Bunjaa’s response was excluded from the aforementioned poll.

Even though the answer was reportedly edited, it was part of the body in Filipino, according to several online commenters. Some online users commended Dingdong for maintaining his composure in the midst of Bunjaa’s response.

Meanwhile, in a statement concerning the aforementioned episode, writer Jerry Grácio accused the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) of the aforementioned censoring.

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